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Replace your old elevator with a brand new one

A completely new kind of user experience that adds value by making your building future proof and more desirable. Learn why replacing your elevator in full is well worth it.


Full replacement is the best option if your elevator is 25 years old or more, is often out of order, takes a long time to travel between floors, and has a small, cramped car and heavy manual doors that make it difficult for some people to access and use.


Replacing your elevator increases the value of your building, reduces running costs, improves comfort for residents, and – with KONE – is a hassle-free process.

Increase building value with KONE DX Class elevators for full replacement


Our elevator solutions for full replacement increase the value of your building with a completely new kind of user experience. Make sure your modernization project runs on time and on budget, and future-proof your building with a brand new connected elevator.


Connect for smooth people flow

Replacing your old elevator with a modern, connected one opens up a whole new world of possibilities to add smart building solutions and services that make life even easier and more convenient for users. With connectivity built in you can take advantage of smart building services developed by KONE and our People Flow Ecosystem partners. You can also connect your own services too. The result is a tailored experience that evolves with the changing needs of tenants.

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Redefine the user experience

Enhance the user experience with real-time information on-the-go, an exciting, multisensory ride-experience and other smart building applications, it makes everyday convenient by improving accessibility and availability.

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Plan for success with KONE as your partner

As your experienced partner for smarter buildings, we can help you manage your property more efficiently with valuable insights into end-user behavior that can be used to continuously optimize people flow and improve the user experience.

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KONE DX Class elevators for full replacement

KONE MonoSpace® DX

Versatile machine room-less passenger elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 90 m
  • MAX. LOAD 33 persons
  • MAX. SPEED 3.0 m/s
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KONE MiniSpace™ DX

High-speed passenger elevator with compact machine room for high-rise buildings.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 210 m
  • MAX. LOAD 26 persons
  • MAX. SPEED 4.0 m/s
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KONE TranSys™ DX

Adaptable and durable goods and passenger elevator for public transport, retail, and hospital buildings.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 40 m
  • MAX. LOAD 53 persons
  • MAX. SPEED 1.6 m/s
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KONE NanoSpace™ DX

Quick to install and space efficient, so you can soon enjoy an elevator car that's up to 50% bigger with no changes to your existing shaft.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 40 m
  • MAX. LOAD 8 persons
  • MAX. SPEED 1.0 m/s
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Key specifications for KONE full replacement elevators

SolutionDescriptionMachine Room
Max. TravelMax. Speed
Max. load /personsMax. group size
KONE MonoSpace®DX
Versatile machine room-less passenger elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildingsNo
90 m or 36 floors3.0 m/s
2,500 kg/up to 33 persons6
KONE NanoSpace™ DXA space-efficient solution for full elevator replacement projects in residential buildings.No
40 m or 16 floors1.0 m/s
630 kg/up to 8 persons2
KONE MiniSpace™DX
High-speed passenger elevator with compact machine room for mid and high-rise residential and commercial buildings.Yes210 m or 63 floors4.0 m/s
2,000 kg/up to 26 persons8
Powerful durable machine room-less goods elevator with connectivity for enviroments with demanding goods flow requirements
40 m or 12 floors1.6 m/s5,000 kg/up to 53 persons
Plan for success with KONE as your partner

Plan for success with KONE as your partner

With our expert support you can make sure your full-replacement project runs on time and on budget, with no surprises and no unexpected costs, and that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to industry codes and standards. Read more about how KONE supports you throughout your building life-cycle.

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